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Glen Dow Academy - Website

Glen Dow Academy - Website

CATEGORY: Website Design

CAMPAIGN DETAILS: Glen Dow Academy's website was outdated and not up to Google's mobile standard. Knowing the importance of having a strong presence on mobile devices, Glen Dow Academy contracted C2 Connections to rebuilt its website. Focusing on a beautiful design and mobile functionality, we were able to complete the rebuild process in a matter of weeks instead months.

Key components of the new website included:

  • Beautiful design
  • Mobile functionality
  • Online applications for enrollees
  • Job listings
  • Easily updated
  • More...

"I really like working with Dave, Jared and the C2 Connections team. Results with our new website were outstanding. The target marketing with advertising also was excellent. I would recommend them to everyone. They have helped us grow as a business in such a short period of time." - Martin Dow, Owner of Glen Dow Academy