video advertising

  • Our friends at published an eye-opening infographic this week that shows the popularity and effectiveness of video advertising - particularly programmatic video advertising. Simply put, it works. It works because more people than ever are watching video online, and more reliable data is becoming available with which to target viewers.

    At C2, we believe pairing a robust programmatic video campaign with a well-formed programmatic banner campaign is the best use of digital advertising dollars. Reach and effectiveness of a campaign can be further boosted by running a matching campaign on traditional media (i.e. radio, TV and print).

  • Google published an interesting and thought provoking piece on its Think with Google blog on Monday – one which made me refocus on the importance of aligning ad messages with proper goals, especially when it comes to video advertising. Ben Jones, in his write-up titled, “In Video Advertising, Is Longer Stronger”, reveals the results of research conducted with Mondelez International (think: Oreos and Chips Ahoy). With help from Droga5, a global ad agency, they set out to discover the optimal length for a video ad on YouTube: :15, :30 or longer? Here are the key takeaways (I invite you to read the entire post here).