Geo-Fencing Icon  Use the power of Geo-Fencing to reach out your customers where they are

When it comes to local, it doesn’t get any more local than Geo-Fencing. This mobile targeting tactic allows you to serve ads to people who pass through specific geographical boundaries identified by GPS technology.

Our Geo-Fencing product enables customized targeting by shape and size. The data we use is precise down to 100 meters for behavioral targeting, and is pinpoint precise for instant targeting. Geo-Fencing allows you to target areas such as voting districts, schools, shopping centers and neighborhoods. We will help you build a custom list of up to 1,000 geo-fences per campaign.

Use Geo-Fencing in combination with other Targeted Display tactics to:

  • Increase reach to users on mobile devices
  • Reach mobile users who are close to your place of business
  • Target potential customers who commute through your business’ vicinity
  • Track off-line or “last mile” conversions to determine the efficacy of your advertising campaign
  • Increase brand awareness to a specific geography or demographic group
  • More accurate than GEO-IP targeting
  • Target your competitors’ locations

 Spokane map geo-fencingHow does Geo-Fencing work?

C2 Connections can target mobile users who pass through a specified geographical location by taking into account the GPS coordinates recorded and shared on their mobile device. Devices with location services enabled transmit coordinates via a variety of apps – maps, social media, etc. We use that information to serve ads to users as they browse the Web on their mobile devices.


What makes C2 Connections Geo-Fencing product better than the competition's?

Most providers of Geo-Fencing technology allow advertisers to target users within predetermined geographical shapes. C2 Connections access to technology that allows us to build custom shapes to ensure more precise targeting. We use a feature called “recency” to target users as soon they enter a shape, and continue to target them for up to 30 days.


Can Geo-Fencing take the place of every other kind of display advertising?

We at C2 Connections believe Geo-Fencing – targeting users based on their GPS location – is a very powerful tool. With that said, it is only one of MANY effective ways of reaching your target market. Geo-Fencing is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy that involves tactics such as Search Retargeting, Site Retargeting, Contextual Targeting, and others.

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