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Local businesses and ad agencies come to C2 Connections to take internet advertising to a new level. We maximize the efficiency of your online ad dollar by finding the right audience, and serving the right message in a relevant environment. Our focus is truly efficient targeted display and video advertising through the world's leading ad exchanges. We use the power of unstructured data – instead of pre-packaged audience segments - to optimize your campaign around what really drives results.

C2 Connections uses the best resources and tactics in the industry to effectively spread your message to a custom audience that you define.


Search Retargeting

Use this keyword level search tactic to serve ads to people who are searching for the goods and services you offer to your customers.

Example: You sell snowblowers. Someone types the word "snowblowers" into a popular ecommerce website. You can serve that person ads for snowblowers available in your store.

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Site Retargeting

This tactic allows you to recapture people who have been to your website but left before taking action.

Example: You are a non-profit agency asking people to donate to your organization. Your TV advertising convinced someone to go to your website, but they left before making a commitment. Because they visited your website, you can serve them ads on various websites for the next 30 days.

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Contextual Targeting

Use this type of targeted advertising to show compelling ads to people as they read or watch content that is relevant to your product or service. You can do this at the keyword or category level.

Example: You sell cars. Someone in the market for a car is reading reviews on a popular website. We serve an ad to that person on that page because the content is relevant to the ad either by a keyword on the page or because the website fits into the proper category.


This tactic uses GPS to identify the physical location of a user on a mobile device. You can serve an ad to someone if at any time they pass through the latitude and longitude coordinates you identify.

Example: You are a local sandwich shop that wants to serve ads to people who have been to your competitors' locations. We set up a campaign that identifies the exact location of each competitor. Whenever someone steps into one of those locations, we can serve them one of your ads!

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Facebook Advertising

Target users on Facebook using your own first party data, or leverage the data available through C2 Connections and the Facebook Exchange (FBX). We effectively advertise on Facebook in two ways:

  • Facebook Exchange (FBX): We can display ads to users on Facebook after they have signaled intent through the seaches they have performed on the internet. Ads trafficked through FBX are displayed on Facebook's "right rail". This combines the use of our powerful first party data with the reach and loyalty of Facebook to deliver impressive clickthrough results.
  • Facebook Newsfeed: Give your campaign a boost by adding one of the most powerful tools on social media. We can leverage Facebook's extensive data to serve ads to highly qualified users on their desktop and mobile Newsfeeds. These are are bigger in size and typically result in higher than average clickthrough rates.

Example: A bike shop wants to target people in the Northwest who are bike enthusiasts. Using the data available through Facebook and other sources, we can serve ads to people who have liked Facebook pages, profiles and other content related to bikes. Those ads can show up in a person's Newsfeed, and also on the right side of a person's Facebook desktop page.

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Use all strategies together for maximum results!

You don’t have to use every strategy all at the same time. But by building a campaign – or set of campaigns – using a combination of tactics we can deliver highly-qualified leads to your doorstep.

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