Today is an exciting day at C2 Connections' world headquarters in Spokane. Today is the day we implement Conversion Zones for mobile advertising – a new way to track the effectiveness of mobile online advertising.

C2 Connections began implementing the new technology as soon as it was launched by, the only programmatic ad platform that bids, optimizes and reports using unstructured data. That’s tech talk for “they’re good at what they do, and they can target the exact audience you’re trying to reach.”

Conversion Zones enable businesses to track offline store traffic that happens as the result of mobile advertising campaigns. It works by drawing geo-fences around a business’ relevant targets, including competitors. Once a user with a mobile device crosses into one of those specified geo-fences, we serve display ads on their device – either mobile web ads or in-app ads. Then, once those users visit the advertiser’s location they are counted as a conversion. By using this method of tracking, we are able to more accurately gauge and optimize the effectiveness of a mobile ad campaign.

“We predicted that 2016 was going to be year that saw localized advertisers focus on attribution and ROI of their advertising spend. Given the growth of the mobile advertising market, we continue to innovate around geo-location services. Last year we introduced our Geo-Fencing capabilities, which let advertisers precisely target consumers within defined, customizable geographic area. Today, with Conversion Zones, we take that functionality further to help those advertisers understand more about how their location-based mobile ad campaigns are performing. will continue to innovate around localized mobile ad performance.” – Frost Prioleau, Chief Executive Officer

Conversion Zones by Simpli.fiBy deploying Conversion Zones we will be able to help our advertisers easily track Cost Per Visit and Total Visit Rate (TVR). Knowing those KPIs will allow us to optimize campaigns for those metrics.

Industries that stand to benefit from this new technology include retailers of all sorts, auto dealers, restaurants, insurance agencies, medical offices, concert venues, sports arenas and more. Basically, any business that wants to increase in-person store visits stand to benefit from Conversion Zone tracking.

Interested in learning more about Conversion Zones? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to show you how an optimized mobile ad campaign could help your business.

It’s a happy day at C2 Connections!

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