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Inland Imaging Testimonial

Inland Imaging

C2 Connections aided Inland Imaging in creating a video interview that focused on the benefits of 3D Mammography. The 2:30 video clip was shared in an article published on KHQ.com. It was also shared on KHQ-TV's social media channels several times a month. Additionally, the video clip was supplied to Inland Imaging so they could use the clip as they see fit.

Aside from the Content Marketing and Native Advertising solutions, C2 also executed a series of Targeted Display Advertising campaigns. The campaigns, which included mobile Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zone metrics, resulted in hundreds of additional website visits. We were also able to measure the amount of people who saw an ad for Inland Imaging and then showed up in person at one of Inland Imaging's physical locations.

"The ability to produce an in studio interview with Dr. Amy Henkel, one of our breast imaging specialists, helps us explain the advantages of 3D Mammography to thousands of women who may potentially benefit from the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. It also allows us to share that messaging not only through our online campaign with C2, but also through social media and on our website which makes our online advertising even more sticky and effective." - Ed Renouard, Director of Marketing for Inland Imaging