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Gamble Sands Golf & Inn

Gamble Sands Golf & Inn

Category: Targeted Display Advertising

Start Date: July 2015

Campaign Details: Gamble Sands Golf and Inn is truly one of the most unique golf experiences in the Northwest. Overlooking the Columbia River, the golf course is a true links style course with specatcular views. C2 Connections set up a Targeted Display Ad campaign that used several tactics to strenghten brand awareness and increase website visits to drive phone calls to the clubhouse. We targeted high-end zip codes in the state of Washington, and then supplemented the campaign by employing sophisticated geo-fence targeting to serve mobile ads to people who visited golf courses all over the Northwest.

The results were impressive. The ad campaign overachieved its targeted Clickthrough Rate (CTR%). But more importantly, Gamble Sands reported a spike in website visits, more phone calls to the clubhouse and more tee times booked. Additionally, they were able to garner additional insights into their target audience by analyzing the rich data C2 Connections provided them as their ad campaign progressed. The ad campaign went so well, they didn't hesitate to start a new ad campaign in Spring 2016.

"Easy company to work with personal service, rich reporting tools, and great results! Dave, Jared and C2 Connections come highly recommended." - David Christenson, PGA Professional at Gamble Sands Golf and Inn