C2 Customer Testimonials


CATEGORY: Content Marketing

Campaign Details: The forward thinking team at STCU in Spokane turned to C2 Connections to help them develop and carry out a bold Content Marketing strategy in 2015. We produced a series of videos for STCU which consisted of interviews on topics relevant to the credit union's target market. They supplemented the campaign with videos produced elsewhere. Both sets of videos were distributed on KHQ-TV's website and social media accounts, as well as other media channels throughout the region. This free and earned media strategy helped STCU build the visibility and credibility of their brand. It was also the leading traffic driver to their new blog dedicated to financial literacy.

"As part of our mission to educate the community about how to manage their finances better, STCU sought out opportunities to extend the reach of our message via paid placements in a format that both provided value and maintained authenticity. C2 helped us accomplish that with their native advertising package, which to-date, has driven more traffic to our STCU Money Blog than all of our other media partners combined." - Lance Kissler, STCU Digital Marketing Manager