C2 Customer Testimonials

Glen Dow Academy

Glen Dow Academy - Advertising

Category: Targeted Display Advertising

Campaign Details: July-Sept 2015; Jan-Present

After hiring C2 Connections to redesign and relaunch its website, Glen Dow Academy wanted to show their target audience their fresh new look. Their target market was a tricky one to reach: young people with an interest in pursuing a career in the beauty industry. At the same time, however, they wanted to let potential customers know about their extreme value for services. C2 Connections was able to come up with a strategy that met both needs through the following tactics, relying specfically on social media and mobile advertising. Tactics included, but were not limited to mobile geo-optimized advertising and mobile geo-fencing, not to mention paid strategies on social media.

The results were impressive. C2 Connections was able to help Glen Dow Academy streadily increase their website traffic. The increased site traffic led to an increase in enrollment. They were so impressed with the first campaign in the summer of 2015, they set aside the resources to make another push for enrollment in winter of 2016.

"I really like working with Dave, Jared and the C2 Connections team. Results with our new website were outstanding. The target marketing with advertising also was excellent. I would recommend them to everyone. They have helped us grow as a business in such a short period of time." - Martin Dow, Owner of Glen Dow Academy