online advertising

  • It’s not even Halloween yet, but big box stores nationwide have already started to put their Christmas wares on display with visions of a lot more than sugarplums. They see black ink – that mythical time of year when their revenue budgets turn all smiley-faced. And if you haven’t already begun to see holiday-themed ads online, you will very soon. And for good reason! Online behavior not only drives online sales, but recent data touted by Mediamath shows the internet has a bigger-than-ever influence on in-store sales as well.

  • So there I sat the other night. I had just entered the house after picking up the mail from the curbside mailbox, and there it was: the envelope of monthly coupons, a few glossy cardstock mailers from hopeful politicians, a flashy envelope from my insurance agent and an oversized mailer from a friend in real estate. And a couple of bills (I wonder how my electricity usage stacked up against my neighbors’ this month).

  • As a digital advertising strategist I am always looking for new, exciting and effective ways to help my clients reach their target market. I genuinely want them to succeed – both professionally and personally. I take great pride in helping one of my friends achieve their goals. So, as I contemplated a recent ad campaign and thought about how I would answer the client’s questions about optimizing keywords and achieving best-possible focus, I became excited.