• C2 Connections presents the basics of Internet Marketing to small business owners

    I have a lot of respect for people who stick their necks out and become entrepreneurs. They start a business on nothing more than an idea and a lot of passion. They work for what they want, what they believe in, and what they expect to become. Dave Cotton and I were more than pleased to meet with several of those people last night at a workshop held at Startup Spokane. What a night!

  • Like Mobilegeddon all over again: Google makes mobile even more important

    Mobilegeddon is the gift that keeps on giving. Orthe curse that keeps small business owners up at night. Google said this week that it will be placing even more emphasis on mobile as a ranking signal – even more than it did in 2015 when it sent businesses and SEO experts into a small frenzy.

  • Make your mobile ad campaign better with new Conversion Zones

    Today is an exciting day at C2 Connections' world headquarters in Spokane. Today is the day we implement Conversion Zones for mobile advertising – a new way to track the effectiveness of mobile online advertising.

    C2 Connections began implementing the new technology as soon as it was launched by, the only programmatic ad platform that bids, optimizes and reports using unstructured data. That’s tech talk for “they’re good at what they do, and they can target the exact audience you’re trying to reach.”

  • Monday Morning Marketing: programmatic, reputation and Facebook

    I'm seeing a few interesting things to stay on top of this week – from Programmatic advertising to Reputation Intelligence. And MediaPost has the highlights of a recent survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau which should make you think about the future of mobile advertising - and all of its challenges. And did you here about what Facebook wants to do with news outlets?

  • Three predictions for online advertising, marketing in 2015

    Every year around this time – November to December-ish – bloggers everywhere take a few minutes to jot down their thoughts about where their industry is headed. Who can blame us, really?

  • Time spent on smartphones on the rise; TV on the decline

    C2 mobile advertising

    If there ever was a time to get your business started with some form of targeted online advertising, now is that time. Especially if you are an advertiser on TV.

  • Why Responsive Design is better than mobile-friendly

    A recent statistic about the importance of properly built mobile websites hit me like a ton of bricks the other day. Yes, we all know that in the marketing world "it's all about mobile". It's been like that for at least the past three years, right? But stop and consider just how powerful mobile has become.