I came across this article from Cathy Crosett on the website, Media Sales Today, that addresses Facebook's push to take ad dollars away from TV. She quotes an upcoming report from Sales Development Services that says 37 percent of broadcast TV sales managers believe its getting harder to compete against Facebook and Google.

I have no reason to doubt Crosett or her source. From a business perspective - one in which the business needs to think about how to reach potential customers - the question shouldn't be whether to spend more money on Facebook and less on TV; rather, the question should be how can I harness the power of both mediums to reach a more qualified target?

That is the question, friends.

Facebook Login ScreenI admit that after reading Crosett's article I got to thinking about how our digital agency could build a Facebook-centric advertising package to sell to our advertisers. I fired off a quick email to our rep at one of the leading DSPs who deal in targeted display advertising.

"Are you aware of any of your resellers developing Facebook ad packages," I wrote. "It seems to me like it's getting bigger and bigger. Any suggestions on how to position the product?"

Thank goodness he set me straight.

You see, it's not about building a product to sell. Advertising online (or on any medium for that matter) is about reaching people who are interested in your product or service. If I deal in programmatic advertising - and I do, by the way - I would be wise to include Facebook in my targeted mix. I would also be wise to include contextual targeting, search retargeting and site retargeting on other networks, exchanges and websites. There is also nothing wrong with AdWords. And if I have the budget, I could give the campaign a big boost by adding television to the mix. After all, Nielsen came out with a study quite a while ago that said running an integrated campaign - one in which the goal, look and feel of the campaign matches across media - is more effective than running side-by-side campaigns that have nothing to do with each other.

Can I hear an amen?

In conclusion, my message is twofold. For the advertisers of the world, worry less about which medium you choose and think more about your messaging and your targeting. Be consistent in your branding, your calls to action and even your graphics and colors. Also, think more about your TARGET and how you're going to reach him or her by placing your message in context. And for the media outlets of the world who sell advertising, worry less about the shifting dollars and more about how you can gather and leverage the expertise to solve your advertisers' needs. Don't think of the great digital shift as a problem. Instead, view it as an opportunity... for you AND your client!

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