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Our friends at published an eye-opening infographic this week that shows the popularity and effectiveness of video advertising - particularly programmatic video advertising. Simply put, it works. It works because more people than ever are watching video online, and more reliable data is becoming available with which to target viewers.

At C2, we believe pairing a robust programmatic video campaign with a well-formed programmatic banner campaign is the best use of digital advertising dollars. Reach and effectiveness of a campaign can be further boosted by running a matching campaign on traditional media (i.e. radio, TV and print).

 Here's a short list of five things you can do to make your video advertising campaign successful:

  1. Shorter Is Better As the length of your video ad increases, the performance of that ad decreases. Fifteen second ads are best. Thirty second ads are okay as long as they are set up as skippabble.
  2. Click to Play Is Preferred  Setting video ads as click-to-play instead of auto-play is best. If you choose to auto-play video ads, start them in mute mode and allow the user to control the sound options.
  3. Brand Your Message Correctly  Many times commercials on TV tell a story and only reveal the branding at the very end of the :30 ad. That's okay for TV. That's not okay for the internet. Your branding should appear prominently at the very beginning of the message (in case the viewer chooses to skip the ad after :05), and throughout the video as well. Place a small logo in the lower right corner of the video, for instance).
  4. Allow room to optimize delivery  Avoid trying to micromanage the placements and settings of your programmatic video ad campaign. That is, unless you are the one responsible for optimizing its placement and delivery. If you have hired an agency of DSP to optimize your campaign, then let them optimize it! They probably have more tools and expertise at their disposal than you do, so trust them to do the job you hired them to do. Also recognize that every campaign needs to be "dialed in" over time for maximum effectiveness. Change is good!
  5. Don't overtarget  Sometimes we as marketers get a little too excited when we see how granular we can get with user data. Keep in mind however, video inventory is not the same as banner inventory. Programmatic video costs more than programmtic banner because there is less video available than banner. So, when targeting a geography, follow these basic guidelines.
    1. If targeting a DMA or smaller: use only Run of Network settings. You need all the available impressions you can get your hands on in a size that small
    2. If targeting a DMA or larger: you can target with typicall category contextual advertising (i.e. Education --> Colleges & Universities)
    3. If targeting nationwide: use any and all targeting tactics at your disposal




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