Google has started to roll out another set of significant changes to AdWords, placing more emphasis on the context of a query, according to industry experts. Ginny Marvin, writing for Search Engine Land highlighted the major changes that have already started to take effect to some degree. Both adjustments by Google affect how high up the page an ad will show up after a query.


First, Google will take into account the meaning of a user's search. On the surface, it sounds like they should have (have been) doing this all along. However, Marvin says it hasn't been a factor for Google in the past. Is the search about a new event? Is it about a product? Is it about a brand? Google is getting better at placing searches in context, so it sounds like context will play a bigger role in how and where your ad is placed.

Secondly, Marvin says more emphasis will be placed on bids. So, depending on a search's context, the ad bid will take on a greater role in determining Ad Rank.


Display Search Retargeting is much more simple

As someone who specializes in programmatic display advertising, I couldn't help but mention that with Search Retargeting, you get all the benefits of keyword searches without having to worry about what Google is doing to "fix" the results. That is not to say Google AdWords is a bad product or AdWords doesn't play an important role in online advertising. It does! In fact, display advertising, when done correctly, will make AdWords more efficient by increasing brand searches. And brand searches are much less expensive than ordinary keyword searches.

So, go ahead and keep spending money on AdWords. I encourage it to drive phone calls and app downloads, but don't forget "the rest of the internet" - the millions of websites and apps that people use every day, several times a day. Get people familiar with your brand, your message, your offer and "your vibe", and then use AdWords to go the last mile by getting them to visit your store, call your shop or download your app.

And, if you want more information about the power of Search Retargeting, don't be afraid to reach out! You'll  be glad you did!

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