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Truth be told, we're pretty reluctant here at C2 to toot out own horn. It's just not in our nature. But we've also learned you have to tell people what you do. You have to show them you HAVE done it, you CAN do it, and you WILL do it. We take quiet, dignified pride in knowing we do well for our clients. We don't want you to take our word for it. That's kind of ridiculous, isn't it? So we're letting some of clients do the talking for us.

This week the promotion production team at KHQ, our parent company, helped us produce, shoot and edit a testimonial video for C2 Connections. It isn't long - less than three minutes. It features a handful of our valuable clients. They have trusted us over our short lifespan with such services as SEO, Content Marketing, Programmatic Display and Social Media Advertising. We're pleased as punch to have them speak so highly of us. We, in turn, speak very highly of them and wish them continued success.


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  • Their expertise and their customer service really allowed me to create a package that fit OUR needs, but also our budget. Read More
    Nick Granier North Idaho College
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